Dogs possess a highly developed sense of smell providing them with a unique perspective of the world. Utilizing their intense scenting ability is not new and has long been used for the detection of narcotics, bombs, locating missing people and more recently detecting medical conditions and for conservation purposes. D4C offer a non-biased, non-invasive method for detecting wildlife, pests and plants in the field. The dogs can cover large areas in a short period of time with a high detection rate (80% and greater).



Dogs 4 Conservation aims to contribute to wildlife research and conservation through the use of highly trained and specialised dogs for the detection of wildlife, pests and plants



Our Goals


• Provide the capability of wildlife, pest and plant

  detection dogs to support conservation and research

  efforts within Australia and internationally.


• Provide a high quality of life for all of our conservation

  dogs for the full extent of their lives.


• Inform conservation organisations of the potential

  applications for the use of conservation dogs.


• Provide cost efficient, highly effective means of  

   locating wildlife and pests, their scats and weeds.


If you can't use your eyes, follow their nose.

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