Partnerships are central to our “business model” and are chosen carefully, according to conservation issues, roles of each partner and the overall conservation outcome.  D4C focuses on what we do best: gathering high-quality samples efficiently and reliably.





Founder & Director


Jacqui received her Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Science from Latrobe University in Melbourne and a Diploma in Conservation Land Management. She has worked in the conservation field doing land management, planning and monitoring in Victoria and community engagement and capacity building for Terrain NRM. She has participated in wildlife and vegetation research throughout Australia.


Jacqui has many years of experience, training working detection dogs for Search and Rescue and Conservation capabilities and is passionate about field work, training working dogs and wildlife conservation.


Jacqui's professional interests include developing integrated conservation management methods, informing endangered species and habitat restoration and refining the training and use of detection dogs in wildlife research and monitoring.

D4C dogs are selected for their willingness to work and their keen sense of smell, with training they learn to maintain focus in the face distractions and resist the temptation of chasing animals. The dogs are trained and conditioned to find target odours and subsequently receive a reward for their efforts.


D4C dogs live to work, although for them it is a game of hide and seek and rarely feels like work. All D4C dogs are treated as loyal employees and as part of the team, the  dogs receive the highest level of care for the entire duration of their life. Once a dog is retired they get to spend the rest of their days relaxing in comfort with their handler, enjoying long walks, sun baking and all the other luxuries of a well-earned retirement.


If you can't use your eyes, follow their nose.

ECO - Border Collie x German Shepherd



Eco was trained from a young pup to be a conservation dog and has always been eager to please. Eco loves the sound of her own voice and has earned herself the reputation of being a stalker, where you go, she goes and there is no such thing as being to close or personal space.


Her favourite past times include chewing, swimming, riding in the car, playing tug-o-war and stalking Baxter, a search and rescue dog and her best friend.

Alone we can do so little Together we can do so much.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Helen Keller

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